Annie Shawanda

Annie is your expert on all things apparel. If you’ve ever visited the store, chances are Annie was the first face you met! From jackets, to jerseys, to helmets, she’s got you covered. Her gravel bike is her escape all summer but days on the ski hill or mountain bike trails are jst as good!


Peter is our shop manager and go-to guy for anything technical! With plenty of shop and mechanical experience, he knows his stuff. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s truly a big kid at heart! Warhammer and game nights in general are right up his alley! Tag on a new KONA Sutra LTD and you’ll have a happy Pete.

Sean Rogers

Sean is one of our experts on just about all hard goods carried in store. From mountain biking to photography, he’s a jack of all trades and has lived the adventurers lifestyle for years. He comes from a competitive skiing background and was even a ski instructor in BC. If you’ve got ski questions…he probably knows the answer!


Bella is one of our soft goods specialists! If you have questions about jackets, pants, gloves, or even helmets, she likely has the answer! If that’s not impressive enough, she is also studying forensic science currently. She loves to crochet and she’s the first member of the team to have a steel reinforced arm! Catch her riding around town and at the ski hill.


Josh is one of our shop techs and sales extraordinaries. You may recognize him from his other gig as a morning show radio host! He’s also a member of Canadian Ski Patrol and an absolute thrill seeker! From Skiing, to mountain biking, to paddle boarding, if there’s fun to be had and it’s outside…He’s there!


Mason is one of our shop technicians. He’ll be found tuning anything from bikes, to skis, to snowboards. Mason is about as close as you’ll get to finding a master of the outdoors! He’s an experienced forager, often found picking wild mushrooms, but is also well versed in planning and leading expeditions in the bush. His pup Molly rounds out this wilderness duo!

Zofia Koslowski

Zofia spends time both in the shop and on the sales floor as one of our product experts! She’s also studying mechanical engineering but loves the outdoors. She’s travelled all across Canada planting trees for three summers and has lots of stories to tell from it! Closer to home, she’ll never shy away from hikes with her two border collies.


She is a dog and one of our most popular staff members! She’s at the shop nearly every day, most of that time spent sucking up or begging for food. Netflix dates are always on her to-do list and cuddles are mandatory. Be warned, she’s the type to fall asleep first though.


He is one of two shop dogs! Need we say more? He spends nearly every day at the shop but expecially loves to chase the cat at home and eat off the floor. If ever in doubt, just remember he’s the one that’s always hyper!

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